Bakery & Market

A few simple things

Locally sourced, wholesome ingredients

Simple Bakery & Market is a made-from scratch artisan bakery, pastry shop, and market. We strive to create fresh, delicious, and interesting breads and pastries made in an artisan tradition using locally sourced, wholesome ingredients.

The goods in our bakery and market are a purposeful mix of flour, sugar, Wisconsin butter, local eggs, premium chocolate, fresh fruit, and a passion for baking. It is our belief that the integrity of ingredients translates into the deliciousness of our baked goods and pastries. We work each day toward being an integral part of a sustainable community dedicated to its citizens, its environment, and its future.

Bakery Hours
8am-4pm Monday-Friday
8am-3pm Saturday & Sunday

Bakery Line (262) 248-2190

Don’t take our word for it!

“Finally found a bakery that uses “simple” clean ingredients. Staff is very nice and the sourdough is fantastic. I also think it’s great that they only sell fresh loaves. Anything older than a day is frozen and donated to the local food pantry. Great idea.” – Michelle R.

“Best bakery in town. Not only do you get great fresh bread and pastries, you also get a warm welcome from the staff who treat you like family.” – TJ S.

“My friend as a gift brought me home a gluten free brownie from Simple Bakery and it was the best gluten free brownie I have ever tasted.  I cut it up in smaller pieces and froze them so I could enjoy a piece every day to make it last longer.  I’m so glad their portions are quite large!” – Patricia H.

is baking your thing? Come rise with Simple.