Cafe Closed on Wednesdays

Cafe Closed on Wednesdays

Simple Café is committed to providing excellent farm to table food. A shortage of line cooks means we are really stretched right now, so Simple Café Lake Geneva will be closed on Wednesdays, and will remain so until further notice. This will give our current team a bit of a break, and allow us to focus on providing you great food and service.

We have not made this decision lightly. However, due to our shortage of line cooks, we will not be able to provide the high-quality delicious food that we are used to serving 7 days a week. We want and will continue to support our employees, customers, and farmers through this temporary hours of operation change.

Our current kitchen team is composed of good people who care for each other, respect our farmers and vendors and the great ingredients we receive from them. It is important to us that the culture of supporting and caring for one another and the community we serve, built by our great teams over the past 11 years, continues getting better by adding like minded people. We are diligently searching for kitchen staff who want to be a part of this kind of culture and environment. 

We look forward to finding some more good cooks. Until then, closing Wednesdays will allow us to cook another day. When the situation changes, we will let you know.

Tom and Young