Our Specials

January’s Bakery Specials

Sweet Scone: Lemon Coconut Our sweet scones this month are mixed with toasted coconut and glazed with a lemony vanilla glaze, bringing a bit of island warmth to this usually cold month.

Savory Scone: Bacon Everything Bagel If you’re a fan of everything bagel seasoning, the savory scone will be right up your alley: chunks of ham from Hometown Sausage meet savory gruyere cheese before being topped with everything bagel seasoning and melted butter–a perfect and filling breakfast for your morning commute!

Cookie of the Month is a Double Chocolate Walnut, an earthy and decadent mix sure to delight chocolate lovers. This year, our chocolate features Luker Chocolate, a chocolate company focused on sustainability and  wellbeing at all points of the chocolate chain.

Sourdough Bread Bowl: Made with a starter that is largely rye and whole wheat, this smaller sourdough loaf has a slightly tangier taste to compliment the soup of your choice. This loaf is sold for $3.50, but is discounted to $2 when bought with a quart of soup.

Breads of the Week

Breads of the Week:
Mixed Herb Sourdough

Caramelized Onion and Asiago Ciabatta: Our onions are caramelized down to an almost jammy consistency before we add them to this airy ciabatta. The sweetness pairs beautifully with the saltiness from the Asiago. A match made in heaven.

Daily Danish & Muffin Flavors

Each week and day we bring a different twist to a classic flavor, so no two Mondays are the same.


Monday: Cherry
Tuesday: A Nut Variety
Wednesday: Raspberry
Thursday: Cranberry
Friday: Blueberry
Saturday & Sunday:
Baker’s Choice


Monday: Blueberry
Tuesday: Raspberry
Wednesday: Cranberry
Thursday: Seasonal
Friday: Cherry
Saturday & Sunday:
Baker’s Choice

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