COVID-19 Safety Procedures & Notes

We look forward to hosting guests in our dining room, with the safety and confidence of our staff and guests at the forefront of priorities. Please review the guidelines below to note changes we have made and precautions we intend to take in order to do so.

  • All staff has been re-trained on culture, service and technical components of the business and re-certified on all safety & sanitation procedures, including all newly designed procedures.
  • We have been and will continue to take guidance from science-based organizations, including but not limited to the CDC and Johns Hopkins University. Additionally, the James Beard Foundation has released a Safety First guide to serving food and protecting people during Covid-19. We have adapted this 47 page document to a 35 page version for daily use and reference in our businesses.
  • Guests are required to wear a mask or face covering anytime they are not at the table eating/drinking. Staff is also required to have a mask or face covering on at all times. Vendors are asked to leave items on our loading dock and ring a bell for service, rather than coming in our building. They are also required to have a mask or face covering at all times.
  • You’ll recognize a new layout in our Cafe and Patio (in-season). We have removed a number of tables and spaced out all tables to be a min of 6 feet apart. The counter is set up to allow for two groups of two or solo diners to enjoy a quick meal.
  • Tables will be entirely empty (no sugar caddies, salt & pepper, flowers, hot sauce bottles or pre-set place settings). Staff will give you rolled silverware at the host stand, water upon seating and other items upon request.
  • Menus are all in plastic covers, ready to be sanitized. We also have enough menus to get through the entire day so they shouldn’t have to be handled by more than one person in a day.
  • Menu is available by QR code, if you’re more comfortable reading the menu online and touch-free.
  • Payment will be available via QR code as well. Your server will bring a printed receipt and if you prefer touch-less payment you can scan the code on the receipt and pay online.
  • Our bench cushions have been re-covered in vinyl to allow for easy cleaning and sanitizing.
  • We have increased the number of sanitation stations around the Cafe. Tables & surfaces will be wiped with sanitized towels as well sanitizer spray after each guest.
  • For the time being, we will be avoiding communal beverage containers in order to keep germs any potential germs at their own table 🙂 This means that coffee refills will be given in paper to go cups and each table will have an individual water carafe.
  • Curbside delivery will continue to be available
  • Regular to go service will also resume (just like curbside, except you can come in to the host stand to pick up your food)
  • Please note: We do only have one phone line, which means there is a potential for a busy signal when you call. Please be patient and continue to call. Alternatively, online ordering is still open and available. We highly encourage orders through the online system is you’re struggling to reach us

When given the opportunity, please give an extra ‘Thank You’ to our staff! They are remarkable people and deserve every ounce of kindness, patience and gratitude you have to offer. We would not be where we are today without them and could not have accomplished what we did during the Covid shut-down without their support and efforts.

Please feel free to reach out to our manager with any questions you have as we work together toward reopening in a safe and effective manner. They can be reached at or at 262-248-3556.