Planting our roots deep in our community.

Our role is to conduct business in an ethical manner, making the world a better place than we found it. How do we do this? By keeping it all close to home with the people we know. Our community benefits when money spent on products stays at home. As much as we can, we choose to purchase our ingredients from local people we know. 

We are working with the best tasting and freshest ingredients sourced from people in our own backyard. When a customer asks for the secret to our delicious mushroom omelet, we tell them there is none. We use Eric Rose’s mushrooms, Josie and Ron Hennefeld’s cheese, and Lynn Lein’s eggs. When we pay for our eggs, there is no middle man and no distributor.  We pay Lynn directly. She does the work, she takes the risk, and we believe she deserves to be compensated fairly. The same goes for VJ and Beth, Teresa, Scott, Corbin, and Jordan; Richard and Debbie, Eric, Levi, Nick, John, Michael, Josie and Ronand, along with all of our other farmers and providers. By purchasing our ingredients from them, we are supporting them, their families, our neighbors and neighborhoods.


We believe in a holistic approach to supporting our community. That’s why we host fundraising dinners, donate products, and volunteer at organizations in the neighborhood. To find out how Simple can support your fundraising event or initiative, click here.