MOnday Delivery

within the Lake Geneva City Limits

We Now Offer Monday Delivery

We are expanding our offerings to our local community. Starting Monday January 9th the Bakery will be offering Monday Deliveries of our: pastries, bread, coffee, and dessert within the Lake Geneva City Limits!

Sometimes Monday’s can be the longest day of the week after a nice weekend off. We know it’s hard for some workers to get their favorite Simple treats and make it to their work on time. That’s why we want to offer Monday deliveries.

Delivery Details

  • All orders must be placed by Friday at 4pm
  • All must have a $30 minimum
  • You can order: pastries, bread, coffee, and desserts.
  • All deliveries will be made Mondays’ between 8am to 10am
  • You can call your order in, stop in and place it in person, or place it online! Download the DELIVERY pdf, fill it out and drop it off at teh Bakery.